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Britney Performs In Vegas (Under the ‘Rain’)

seams no "weather" conditions can stop a star on the move! Britney Spears finally kicked off her promotional push for her ‘Femme Fatale’ LP. The Pop megastar took to the stage at Las Vegas’ Rain Nightclub in the early ...
hours of this morning to perform a mini-concert consisting mostly of material from the album ( "Till the World Ends," and "Big Fat Bass")– which hits stores next Tuesday (March 29th).

All eyes was no doubt be fixated on how the 29 year old will fare live (given her shambolic showings as of late). After the show she tweeted "OMFG it feels good to be on stage again!!" she posted on Twitter after the show.

i saw the performance for "Till The World Ends" and im sure Britney is back to stay! u can see it to and judge! not too clear tho (sorry!)

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