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Video: Iggy Azalea Goes Off On Papparazzi

I watched this and all I could literally do was laugh! why you might ask? well the way I see it, the Paps are always going to be ...asses and this one in particular was out to piss her and her friend off (possibly to get her to physically react and then slam her with a Law suit). BTW Iggy rolling the trolley violently in his direction was hilarious as hell!! and if you watch closely, Iggy suddenly realizes that this could turn out real messy and the assumes calmly advising the pap against crossing her promising him that she will have a bodyguard at the ready next time she's in this kind of scenario.
My angle is she should not have even said anything or more importantly shown any emotion and just ignored the guy cause its pretty obvious that he wanted to infuriate her and also Iggy needs to understand that it comes with the territory, she should expect things like this all the time.
watch the hilarious clip here

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