Video: Halle Berry Teaches how to put perfume between thighs

Only that "Halle Berry sexy" can make a lesson on where best to put perfume.When  the Hollywood actress came to speak of her new fragrance Closer in U.S. talk show, the host Conan O'Brien began to sprinkle. "It is not on the palm of his hand that makes perfume!" exclaimed Berry.

"Where do we put in? We buffers or what, I do not know how we did," said O'Brien, feigning frustration, before adding: "You are free to touch me where you want. " After Conan asked to remove his pants (do not worry, he did not), Berry gave him a little lesson. "The best way to put perfume is sprayed between the thighs. It heats and the aroma goes all day. so When you kiss someone, you don't leave your scent on the person" she said, leaving O'Brien speechless. Temporarily. "Oh, my God. I never heard that. I just go back in time for you to say that," he added. Yes, we understand. lol

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