Lily Rose Cooper Talks One Direction Dream, Daily Bores and Shutting up Haters

The Smile singer has said that she had a vision in her sleep that she was a member of 1D and even performed a rendition of TLC's 1999 single No Scrubs with the heartthrobs. She wrote on Twitter: ''had a dream that I joined One Direction last night. Harry was nice, and we did a cover of TLC's ''No Scrubs''. That is all. (sic)'' Lily, who has two daughters, 15-month-old Ethel and two-month-old Marnie, with husband Sam Cooper, has also taken to the social networking site to tell her followers that she's developed an unusual scab after falling ...
over and cutting her knee last week. She tweeted: ''I fell over and scraped my knee and now I have a scab shaped like Africa !!! #interesting (sic)'' The 27-year-old also complained that she is ''bored'' and is looking for something to shake her out of her daily domestic routine, other than responding to her critics on Twitter.
She tweeted: ''Sometimes I wish I had better things to do with my time then change nappies, cook dinner, watch s''t telly and respond to Internet trolls. #bored #needtogetoutmore (sic)''
We assume the singer was referring to the recent backlash that she faced after posting a 'pig slaughtering' message on the site.
The brunette shocked her followers on Twitter earlier this month when she gave the highest bidder the option to slaughter or spare a pig as a means of taking part in Red Nose Day, but her pledge didn't go down too well with many of Lily's fans blasting her. Hitting back at her critics, Lily tweeted: “Can people stop tweeting me about slaughtering a pig for charity!I keep pigs that are bred for the purpose of eating,I don't see the problem."
“One vegetarian follower suggested that I offer the winner the chance to spare the pig so everyone could be involved. In retrospect, I could have been more sensitive. I hope that gives some clarity on the matter.I never said and I never would kill anything for charity or otherwise." “So if the hippies could just get off my back, I'd be very grateful. Ta x,” Lily added.
In my humble opinion  all these amount to more than enough material for a very tongue and cheek country / indie / ska album so please Lily, give us new music.

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