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John Mayer Uses Botox

John Mayer had some Botox done, but he's not just (trying to conjure up) another pretty face. The singer and guitarist has been on a vocal hiatus, due in large part to severe health issues that left him all but silenced. Mayer eventually connected with Dr. Steven Zeitels, a laryngeal expert who rocketed to fame when Adele thanked him at the Grammys. (Zeitels has also worked with Roger Daltrey and Steven Tyler.). After extended periods of voice rest, it became clear Zeitels' combination of surgery and Botox injections ...
(to paralyze Mayer's vocal cords and let them heal) hadn't fixed the problem brought on by stress on Mayer's voice from constant touring and performing, and a longtime struggle with acid-reflux exacerbated by poor diet and drinking. A more intense dose of Botox at UCLA. Mayer was left vocally paralyzed for months at a time, until he had a breakthrough and finally healed.
Mayer is now prepping a 40-city tour and able to sing again. He's hardly the only singer to find himself sidelined by injury. Both Lady Gaga and Morrissey have had to cancel tours recently. Did i make it through without a "Your Body Is a Wonderland" joke? Phew.

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