Britney Spears Gives $100 To Homeless Man?

Britney Spears apparently gave a considerable sum of money to a homeless man who begged her for help. The star was reportedly walking past a drugstore in LA when she was approached. He allegedly said: "Please help me... I'm at the end of my rope!", prompting her to go to a nearby cashpoint and ...
withdraw $100 in five $20 bills. He then is thought to have hugged and thanked her before a security guard snatched the money out of his hand. A is quoted by Showbiz Spy as saying: "The store's security guard came running and snatched the money out of the guy's hand, shooing him away. "But Britney said, 'No!... No! Give this man his money back! I gave it to him!'" They added: "She's often seen as a wacky diva, but most times her heart's in the right place."

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