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Solange Knowles' Son Is Already Rapping

Solange Knowles' son Julez is only 8, but we're expecting him to pop a "Lil" on the front of his name and sign a deal any day now. Well, maybe. In a new profile with Entertainment Weekly, "Losing You" singer Solange reveals that Julez has already started writing his own raps. She even read one aloud to ...
reporter Ray Rahman:
You don't know how to rap
You're so fat, like a rat in a mousetrap
You got a pen?
No? I didn't think so
I'll get you one if you know how to flow, yo
You got a pocket? I didn't think so
Because you're like an armadillo in the road, bro
Have you seen the movie Hunger Games?

Knowles told Rahman she's "terrified" that her son wants to become a performer, but she tries to encourage him to follow his passions. With his genes, we're pretty sure he'll end up refining his skills somewhere down the line.

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