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(Pictures)Shocker! Apparently Goldie Was Married!

(so thats how she got the Harvey name!) Who knew! i know i didn't and a lot of people didn't either seeing as they all tagged her as a dead woman with an unfulfilled life (no marriage or kids) but it appears we all got it wrong. The Husband speaks out (has a message for Prezzo) all inside

She was said to have passed on after a complaint of an intence headache. Looking at some of the picture (off linda Ikeji) i see date tags back to 2006. although i'm still getting information, i'm led to believe shes been in the relationship (and maybe even marriage) since before that time but chose to keep that part of her life from public view (tho people around her may have known). In the mean time, Shes has a feature story on and she trended world wide yesterday on twitter. RIP Goldie Harvey

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