Goldie Hob nobs with Chaka Khan and Ciara at Pre Grammy Event

Reality Show today, Grammy events tomorrow  You can talk a good game for or against Goldie but you just cant knock the chicks (and obviously that of Kennis Music) hustle! Goldie is currently in the US for the Grammy Awards taking place this Sunday in Los Angeles. the gist is that there are talks going on between...
Ciara’s management and Goldie’s management, about a possible collaboration between the two music stars. That strategy would be good for Goldie but will obviusly do nothing for Ciara's career, which is in the toilet at the moment. (LA Reid would need to commit a miracle to revive home girls career and i think the first step to repairing any music career is to stop releasing nasty sounding tracks that nobody likes Cece). And is it just me or is Goldie's face "a bit" too white! Girl slow down on all those pancake mixes Denrele be serving you!!!

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