Tonto Dike On New Video set

in case you didn't know, Poko queen, Tonto, is hard at work making her musical debut with earlier releases of a few "tracks" and now shes going one step further in making a video for one of her songs (fully sponsored might i add). I'm not hating on the chick but is it really worth the time of day? the chick cant sing to save her life and then the fake foneh antics and overbearing attitude does not make this chick about that life. As far as im concerned, stick to, and perfect your craft cause one thing i wont argue about is that Tonto is quite good at portraying characters although very much like a lot of Nigerian actors, shes type-cast and not really versatile but shell surely catch your eye. I actually want to see the video when it drops and trust and believe that i would be typing my 2 cents on the video.

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