Omotola & Bobby V in Studio

well well well! seams someone is either just hub nubbin with international acts (and taking pictures about it cause the word of mouth would definitely not be worth much) or seriously planning a mad comeback with a highly anticipated sophomore album to her creatively driven but vocally and lyrically failed debut album "GBA". If its hard work then we better be getting our moneys worth Omotola plus the industry that allowed "Gba" to be released would not hesitate to eat you alive if you release nasty or half baked records (e.g. Tonto Dike's Music career as a whole) so work your ass off so rather than looking "pudgy" at the grammy's  red carpet, you might just make enough sense inside the ceremony itself (one can only over-the-moon dream). we will be waiting to hear from you and yes i will be giving my 2 cents on it so good luck with the comeback.

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