Missoni Plans to Show Fall Menswear Collection as Scheduled

Five days after the twin-engine plane carrying Vittorio Missoni, his life partner and two friends was reported missing off the coast of Venezuela, the fashion house announced that it plans to show its fall menswear collection as scheduled in Milan on Sunday “in order to give continuity” to its business. According to the company, the collection “will be ...
shown solely to press and buyers,” and it is expected that no Missoni family members will attend the show.
Venezuelan authorities and naval and flight experts from Italy are still searching for the missing plane that disappeared last week en route to Caracas from the Los Roques archipelago. Good Morning America reporter Matt Gutman shared the last photos taken of the party, adding that, “After today, the Venezuelans have said they could suspend the search, but the Missoni family is holding on to hope, even reaching out to Missoni’s potential enemies to find any other explanation other than the one they fear most.”

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