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Happy Birthday Nnamdi

where do i start, not too long ago, College gave ma a gift (besides a degree) that keeps on giving. iv had the pleasure of being a friend and a brother to this cool cat. only you know how you had my back in 2012 and i know that for life, i will always remember.
I finally had a friend who fully got my music cravings and helped in curbing my excesses lol! a friend who never stopped to tell me the truth and though we butted heads sometimes, it never stopped the bromance flowing. you fought off my enemies and digged my friends (with good reason) and we always choke each other up with ramblings i mean, nobody got it like we got it.
I wish you could stay the same but i know you wont; youll only get better with age like fine wine. I hope 20 years from now, we'll be at the top laughing and cracking up like we've always done. Shine bright like a Diamond bro!! #Leggo

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