Beyonce On The Cover of GQ

... so as i was lying down late yesterday, my best mate let me know that Queen B was on the news and that i should check out the GQ cover. so i did and i must be frank, it took me by surprise and not the good kind. I'm for everything Bey and i know that 2013 is supposed to be the year she regains the throne with a slew of tactical approaches she can utilize to her advantage but ...
i feel this is not a move in the right direction.

 Truth be told, i'm a dude so seeing a hot sexy picture of a vivacious woman is a plus to my day but for Bey, i think its a bit different; shes passes the likes of female celebrities that need to wear next to nothing to attract the attention of anybody (Rhi Rhi anyone?!!) with the uniqueness of her craft and the innovative way her mind works (i mean the music, fashion and life choices prove my point) so its a bit worrying when one of Americas, and arguably the Worlds sweethearts opt for such a reveling cover (don't forget the fact that shes now Mrs Carter and mother to Blu Ivy). I get the liberating and sexy mother aspect (i mean look at that mad body) but somethings should be kept private at this point in her career and life. Love you Bey but i had to give my 2 cents (maybe its the African in me talking); leave this to the up and comers who need to show more skin to get appeal! you are worth a lot more than that!

Well, on a positive, exiting note, she's performing the national anthem at President Obama's second inauguration on Jan. 21, then headlining the Super Bowl halftime show Feb. 3, introduced by 50 lucky fans. And don't forget her big-bucks deal to promote Pepsi products. Coming soon to a can near you, and all that The mag hits newsstands next Tuesday.

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