Dior’s CEO Is Surprised The Brand Made Money Without Galliano

Despite the 13-month gap between Dior firing John Galliano and hiring Raf Simons, the French house reported that revenue in 2011 was over $1 billion.
Anyway, Dior’s numbers are a shocker to all as wsell as president Sidney Toledano. He explains ...
 “I never considered that. I always thought we absolutely needed an artistic director. They, and their charisma, are what creates breakthroughs. But you make choices about how you use that.” Well, if revenue increased without Dior hiring a new artistic director, does the house even need one? Yup.
 “I could stand in front of the team and give them our objectives, guidelines, talk to them about the market and prices, and they would do it, but the end result would be flat.”
And the pressure’s on, Raf.

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