Record Spin: Rye Rye's 'Go! Pop! Bang!'

The 21-year-old Baltimore rapper has been rocking clubs since she was 16, and after five years of paying dues and touring with mentor M.I.A., she unleashes her booty-shake-inducing rhymes on mainstream listeners. Once you put it on, there is no point in ...
sitting down. Rye Rye's (Ryeisha Berrain) rapid-fire boasts flow over a stream of bass-heavy beats is guaranteed to get the feet of the most recalcitrant wallflowers moving to the dance floor.
Guests include Akon, Porcelain Black and Tyga, but the aggressive Rye Rye never gives up center stage. On the pop-flavored Never Will Be Mine featuring Robyn, she aggressively declares: "Question: what happened to forever?/me and you always together/Too bad I was too much clever, can't be played a fool, That's never."
She even gives Bang! a little old-school bombast by sampling Ethel Merman (Ethel Merman?!) singing Irving Berlin's Anything You Can Do on Better Than You, one of two tracks (Sunshine is the other) featuring M.I.A. How much fun is that?

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