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Miley Cyrus Takes A semi-Naked Pic While She’s Getting A Tattoo!

It’s no secret that Miley prefers to go braless, but this time Miley bared it all for her latest tattoo! Miley Cyrus struck a very seductive pose while getting her latest installment of body art inked onto her rib cage. Sprawled out on a blanket and covering her assets with a draped shirt, the eighteen-year-old starlet proved once again that she is no longer a Disney princess. But what’s the point of taking such a picture? Is she that desperate for attention?
Miley’s new dream-catcher is the songstress’s ...
 fifth tattoo, and she says its supposed to represent her siblings. While we know the location of the tattoo would make wearing a shirt nearly impossible, we do think it’s a little risque that the barely legal Miley struck a temptress pose while she was in such a compromised position.
This seductive photo was exposed shortly after racy pictures from her concert in Brazil hit the web that showed Miley in a barely-there leather get up.
Even though Miley’s parents have reconciled and her boy drama is settled, it turns out the former Disney star still cannot be tamed!

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