Keyshia cole Lands New BET Show

is it just me or is Keyshia always releasing new mattertal on the heels of a new reality show? if thats the tactic then i feel people take her for granted. Think about it, her last effort did not do so well and there was no reality show so i gotta ask, must there always be a tactic behind good music  cause videos and live shows and outpour of raw talent seams to be too little to the the ever evolving music listener. I wont even lie that ...
im not among the people who religiously watch reality television but c'mon! its so bad these days that one has to use so many tacktics to sel records e.g. Twitter, Facebook, video teasers (which i cant stand), reality shows (i can partially understand) and lets not forget sex, nudity and illuminati controversies!. before you know it, there would be no point singing. thats why i thank God for people like Adele cause if nothing, 2011 tought the world that vocal ability and acustics can still take first place, without tactics, truth can prevail! We need to start a movement to end this shamelessness cause music is loosing genuine appeal (people going into the industry for the wrong reasons). There needs to be a revolution!

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