Florence Welch Opens Up To Marie Claire About Her “Red Mop”

Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine is one of the hottest female rockers out there in the music world today. The fiery redhead with the voice – that makes the hair on my forearms stand up – opens up to Marie Claire magazine about her looks, what she’s learned from the music industry so far and how she’s changed since her earlier days on the scene. Here are some snippets from the interview:

On her fiery red mop: “I’m a lifer now – I’ve tried going back to brown, but I don’t recognize myself.”
On her fears: “I’m completely in love with the world but also terrified of it. It creates some overwhelming feelings. Wanting to battle out that joy and fear is part of my music.”
On what she’s learned since she first stepped onto the scene: “In the beginning I was a lot younger, drunker, and more glib. I’ve learned not to hide behind a veil of irony – to talk about my work in a more honest way
BTW: 'Breath Of Life' is just too good! You need to buy it and put it on repeat!

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