The Dark Knight Rises’ With New Character Posters

The posters feature a slightly de-saturated Batman, Bane, and Catwoman standing in the rain in the dark (put on your coats! You’ll catch a cold!) with the word “Rise” behind them.
As we’ve gleaned from the trailer and teaser, “rise” is what the prison inmates are chanting, and with a Batman who’s taken a ...
step down from vigilantism due to an angry Gotham, “rise” is just what he’ll need to do. You know, like rise to the occasion or rise from his bed and eat a well-rounded breakfast so he can fight all that crime.
The posters are much more striking than the sloppy, fire-laden poster that hit the web yesterday, but the font leaves a bit to be desired. Then again, we’re not exactly excited about a new Batman movie for the font, are we?

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