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Britney Spears & Demi Lovato ‘Join X Factor USA’

We kinda knew that Britney was gonna be a part of the mix and then we heard that Gwen was offered to be the anchor of the show (I hope is not true). And now I Demi is a part of the show. On the Demi pick, I’m not too ...
sure it was a right pick but I get the angle she is supposed to represent but getting someone with so little experience to be a judge? Are you sure contestants would even respect her talent that is still evolving very unlike the remaining cast of Judges who have peaked and are  still the better for it. I guess we will just have to wait and see how the whole madness unravels. The person I cant wait to see is Britney in action cause something tells me that Ms. Spears is not as nice as she seams in real life cause you really cant be polite to have gotten where she has. I bet you she is going to be disciplined and detailed when it comes to her team. She is going to show them how to become singers who sell millions of records and that’s how it should be ( lets face it, she needs the break from record popping/promoting). All in All, its gonna be a great season!

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