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Top 10 songs of 2011

These are the songs that rocked my world last year! plus one extra
11. “We Found Love”/Rihanna
Rihanna never ceases to amaze us with her hit after hit and apparently this was the hit to trump all hits! the song is by Calvin Harris and it’s also produced by him and it’s about how a ...
relationship can be very nasty for both parties involved. It’s about creating love in a hazardous environment and time for both involved and it’s just so good. i loved how simple and dance oriented it was. This was rihanna testing relatively new waters with the whole dance revolution and she lands running all the way to the top of the global charts. Classic

10 “Yoü And I”/Lady GaGa

Gaga impressed me with her latest album "Born This Way" and i feel all the songs are just so electronically rocking but this song stood out to me by far well because for once she was sounding like someone who was just rocking out in a very organic way devoid of all electronic manipulations. i first heard the song on Oprah during her promo ride trough and i was taken aback. it just sounded really good and so when I first got the album, i remember it being the first song i listened to and then the video came up and I actually loved it unlike the other "Born This Way" era videos. The song is about a past love in "Nebraska" that will always be. still listen to it a lot.

9. “Otis”/ Jay-Z & Kanye West

I love this song and both of the artists are rappers who I admire well. It’s very simple and straight to the point, almost care free but very classy all the same and I especially enjoyed the video.

8. “Bluebird”/ Sara Bareilles

This is the only song on this chart that was not a single, did not have a video but caught my attention all the same and so much so that iv still been hooked on it till this year. Sarah has had my affection since "Love Song" and she continues to kill me with every song she releases (and a few she leaves for the ears of those who go the extra mile of getting and listening to her album). It’s about how she has to leave because her love interest seems to be trough with the relationship so she must be strong for herself and carry one. She’s effortlessly fantastic.

7. “Rain Over Me”/Pitbull (Ft. Marc Anthony)

This song crept up on me and it fully made me a pitbull fan! It’s just so vocally on point. Mark does his thing well and pitbull just fully slams his lyrics right out of the park! i love this one well

6. “Last Friday Night” (T.G.I.F.)/Katy Perry

I’ve loved this song since the first time I heard the album "Teenage Dream" and I loved it after 30 seconds of listening to it, I guess I kind of knew it would end up as a single cause it’s just too infectious and mind blowing and as f it was not enough, that video was just too good like I watched it again and again and again! It’s such a great record and adding Missy on the remix shows how Katy’s music can be very versatile and appeal to all audiences!

5. ”Super Bass”/Nicki Minaj

to think that at the compilation stage of "Pink Friday" this song was not liked and thus pushed to the deluxe version of the record but what was once last will become first and now this song has sold over 4 million copies to become Nicki's most successful song. I really have to give it to Ester Dean because she does know how to whip out those hits (case in point Rihanna.) Another thing about this jam is that it would not be anything at all if not for fellow singers Taylor swift and Selena Gomez making their own versions of it and it going viral! its really good what technology can do to art! Anyway the song is about how her love interest makes her heart ... "go Boom budoom boom, Boom budoom boom Base, Super Base" even little children had to bump their little waists to that track! Love it!

4. “Party Rock Anthem”/LMFAO (feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock)

This song was the dance anthem of the year and rightly so! It’s infectious and it kept us moving throughout the year! I felt it was not fair that it didn’t get a Grammy cause it changed how dance and rap is fused in the larger sense of it. it also affected pop culture deeply and we would never forget how we learnt how to do the "Shuffle"! The song has a simple message, “... everybody just have a good time" and men did we have fun times!

3. “Best Thing I Never Had”/Beyoncé

I waited and waited (like the rest of the world) for her to return and when she finally did, i was overwhelmed with how awesome her new material sounded and even if she didn’t do as well as "I Am ... Sasha Fierce" with "4", I can’t begin to elaborate on how she grew from that era and on this song, you can tell she makes music for the feeling and the truth of it and not for the attention. This song is about being happy and knowing that it was better that what could have been, did not fully take effect because it would have been a disaster from day one. Again most of us can relate to such scenarios where this could have been the case. Babyface had a hand in this beautiful piece and thus you can’t deny the classiness of it all. it was her highest charting and most successful single off "4" and I think it’s going to be a song that she would be known by for years to come.

2. “Rolling in the Deep”/”Someone Like You”/Adele

What can I say about this BRIT lady with a universal voice! the moment I first heard "Rolling", I knew she was back but who would have ever thought that Adele would take that bitter/sweet record to the top of the charts everywhere, breaking into all genre charts and dominating every music player winning all the Grammys on the way and like as if that was not enough, she killed us again with "Someone" and we were swept away in her vocal embrace, we've all gone through what she’s talking about and thus it becomes even more glaring why the appeal and sentiment to her music became a universal language. I fell in love with not only these songs but the wonderful record that is "21"

1. “Moves Like Jagger”/Maroon 5 (featuring Christina Aguilera)

I think I should start by saying thank God for "The Voice" because who knew for sure if this collaboration and this song in its sweetness would have ever been. If you had your ears to the ground musically last year, you must have not just heard this song but also loved this song and really, what’s not to love. The song is a pop song about how the singer had "moves like jaggar" and is willing to show his love interest on the dance floor and elsewhere lol! This song was on replay for me for about 4 months. i could not get enough of this highly infectious Jam!

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