Rihanna Responds to Marijuana Photo Controversy

I believe the picture is enough but just in case of any misunderstanding, let me bring you up to speed!  Photos of Rihanna appearing to roll a marijuana blunt at the Coachella Music Festival over the weekend have sparked online criticism of the R&B star -- but she has some strong ...
words for the haters.
 "Yikes. @Rihanna's marijuana photos from Coachella spark controversy," MTV wrote on its Twitter account on Thursday afternoon, posting shots from the singer's Instagram feed and drawing a barbed response from Rihanna herself.
 "@MTV Yikes… @rihanna ran out of f***s to give," she tweeted back.
 MTV has since deleted its tweet, though the story remains posted.
 "I'm crazy, and I don't pretend to be anything else," Rihanna tweeted on Tuesday, in response to fans concerned by the photos.
 Perhaps she was drawing inspiration from past artists: on Wednesday, Rihanna took to her Twitter page to advise fans to see the new Bob Marley documentary, "Marley."
 "Bob Marley is my HERO #thatisall," she added, of the noted reggae icon and marijuana aficionado.
all im gona say is Rihanna better wATCH OUT!! this roller-coaster life is becoming too much too soon! the Bob Marley she is talking about died being the kind of person she is forging ahead to getting to, rather than go and have a row of seats due to the distorting Bob Marley cover she rendered, shes making a full of herself! calm down cause we don't want to loose you yet

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