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Khloe and Lemar to Split ... for Ratings!

Wow! this is just too much B.S. to deal with. First it was Kimmie and now the rock solid couple are said to be calling it (fake) quits to bump up ratings! first let me say that its not fully confirmed but if it is true, 2 things, Khloe is a fool and not at all the classy good girl i thought she was and secondly, this smells like Mama Kris at it again! leave your children alone Mommager Kardashian. is it not enough that you take 10% of their earnings, you want to take all their marriages!?!! i really hope it isn't true because they will all sink to an in-redemptive level. K & L should stay together cause they belong together. the chemistry is obviously there (Case in point Kris Humpries and madam!) Abeg oh!

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  1. all for ratings? interesting things the Kardashians do.