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Trackin': Madonna's "Give Me All your Luvin"

its good to hear from the resident Queen of Pop and her comback single comprises all she has touched over the years . let me start by saying love the song but love was not what felt when first heard it. my point of view is that any Madonna comback/1st single is always a ...
ground breaker (case in point, ""Hung up", "4 Minutes", "Music", "Vogue" est.) and her last album had this urban vibe so imagine my shock on hearing this retro, "Beautiful Stranger"-esq track! At first was taken aback but forgotten that the mother of reinvention was at her tactaics again, flipping the scripts on us all (which is why we love her in the first place).
The record starts with a cheer-leeder-esq chant of "L.U.V. Madonna!giving off this silly but contagious vibe that will get the kids and old peeps jiving along. The lyrics are care free and basically stating give me all or nothing ... on the dance floor. Nicki and M.I.A. killed their verses but if anything could change, Nicki's verse could have been longer. This song is then and now, simple yet deep (if u get past Y.O.U. You wanna!) I give it a 3/5. Welcome back M.

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