my take on the whole Rihanna and Chris Brown drama

so on the eve of Rihannas 24th birthday, she and Chris releases 2 remixes/ collaborations. The first being a complete version of her unfinished track 6 on Talk That Talk, "Cake" (I wish M.I.A was the featured instead) and chris brown's "Turn Up The Music" single (which is better than the first remix) and this surprise turned the ..

industry and the interverse upside down. let me say first of all that what he did 3 years ago was not a good way to treat anyone (and I won't lie, I kinda hated him for it but like a human being, we all make mistakes so I let it go). Then to make things nasty, Roc nation (rihannas label at the moment) said that they won't officially release the single which comes to me as no suprise, remember a dude called jay_z who said 3 years ago that Chis would pay for all he did to Rhi rhi.I'll be frank and say he has a hand in roc nation not promoting "cake" and honestly speaking is "cake" worth promoting? infact what's Rhi's deal with TTT? no promo exept for major award shows and she caps it off with looking like a junky (no offence dear).
All I'm gonna say is this. everyone (esp that hoe Miranda Lambert) should give them space. people can and do change and although I'm definitely not for Rhianna and Chris hitting it off no! no! but why not collaborating on songs? and the whole thing was a stunt so why not laugh over it, buy the music if u fancy it and chill and if atall they are shacking up, then I feel sorry for rehanna! a dude who messes you up once, jokes on him. twice, jokes on you girl! get familiar!

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