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Gleek Recap: the "Michael" episode

yo yo yo! its Febuary! the "Love" month and what better way to start the month with the ever joyfull renditions from our fav musical, Glee. as far as concerened season 3 started out ...
dull but think Glee is now coming to spitting out hit after hit starting with the christmas episode that was just cool and retro to the Yes/No episode that had a collection of memorable renditions which were well done to the epic ""michael" episode!
This episode is so so good that was on the edge of my seat troughout the episode. All the MJ songs rocked but my top 3 were "Bad", "Smoothe Criminal" and "Scream" (the whole video mimic angle was very eye popping and unnexpected ... really fantastic). All in all, the story was very well written and love that songs from his early years was also adapted for the episode. Good job Glee! keep it up yall

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