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Midge Starts Off Drama To Promote W.E and M.D.N.A. (her new album)

I'd be lying if i said that i have not missed Madonna Music and im so so happy to say that the queen is comming back in 2012, but at what cost? The Madonna promo train started last year with the release of W.E., a Madonna directed film which is ...
critically acclaimed and getting award buzz; she also released "Masterpiece" a song for the motion picture which will also make it on the new record. Then she came up with a hot new campaign for her new fragrance (its about time) and to really spice up the buzz, her first single will be assisted by rapper/singers M.I.A. and Nicki "Roman" Minaj and will debut on the Superboul Stage in Febuary so whats not to look out for but i guess its never enough for her highness. A recent interview with her shedding more light on whether or not Gaga stole her "Express Yourself" material on last years "Born This Way" song, she said she saw some similarities and that she felt it was a nice modification in melody. Why do you need to say such immature and uncalled for statements when rewind a few years back, you were called a Cindy Luper copycat! Madonna needs to reorganize her priorities and stop looking to fruitless gimics to publisize her upcoming album. Madonna and Gaga are far apart that she would start up something with someone who idolises her. Dont loose your grip on what's most important dear, releasing a comback, sure-fire record because if anything, christina has shown that talking ill about Gaga does not help a comeback so take a cue and talk about something else other than start up a feud.

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