JLS workin on New Album

I Have to be honest, Iv never really reckoned with this group until the Christmas of 2010 were i heard "Love You More". the song is so mature and so true (still a little bit boy band but whatever) so i ...
bought into the band, getting their old music and listening to their euro pop music and i loved most of it. So i would know when the latest JLS record was coming and so Jukebox was the album that finally sold me on the group being a very good music group. Even if the songs were still generic pop, it had a face and it reminded me of something about Michael. Sons like "Take You Down", "So Many Girls" etc are so hot songs that i figured 2012 was Jukebox all the way. Then i have to find out that the group is already recording a new album they’re hoping to enlist Ed Sheeran for the upcoming project which i feel is pre-mature because of the great material on Jukebox. as far as im concerned 350k records is not fulfilling so why move on, why not promote the record with more earth shattering singles. JLS should reconsider and change the constant annual record birthing, serious artists take time with their work

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