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Christina's 2012 Direction

I want to start by saying that we need to give X-Tina some credit for even with a flopped album, failed marriage, weight issues (which she really does not care about, as in really) and a minor succesful motion picture under her belt, she did a very good job staying in the lime light in 2011 for good things like ...
The Voice and her comeback single "Mooves Like Jagger" with Maroon 5. So the question is what next Miss Aguilera? Well it seams shes not slowing down anytime soon because She reveled that She would be releasing a new single, The Max Martin assited "Love Your Body" or "F**k Your Body" if you're ranchy. My only fear with this song we have not heared yet is that it might just have the same "Not Myself Tonight" vibe and at this stage in your career, you should know better. on a lihgter note, record label exec's revieled that the new X-tina Demos they've heared are FIRE!!! so the album will be nothing short of Epic! To be honest with you, Bionic was not a bad record (I really think that X-tina does not know how to make bad music, only innapropriately themed songs) so if its soul music (not literally) its gonna be a blast. She has also employed the creativity of people like DJ Premier and some others she used for her "Back To Basics" record (that is truely refreshing news). As far as 2012 is in view, there is surely room for a super succesful X-tina record that will blow our minds for a long time to come.

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