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Brandy: The Ever Evolving 2012 Comeback Story

The game has truely been missing something strong. When i say game, im talking about R&B off coarse. Rewind a decade back, Brandy was the Ish! Multi platinum album, Very successful series and movie career (Moeisha, I Still Know What You did Last Summer, Double Platinum) and then came the "Missunderstood" Phase where ...

nobody fully grasped her vision on every released record, promo was out the door and every record was a constant blow to the Singers career. Her Last album, "Human" was the climax of all the failure and thus a hiatus was inevitable but the thing about life is when the door closes, God opens the roof! Brandy never stoped working (as can be felt with the massive vault of YouTube unreleased songs) and  wasnt afraid to try anything including a rap persona (love you girl but please dont do that again, Bran'Nu has to go!) because well whats life without risks and variety. A reality show and beautiful dancing on Dancing with the stars kept our gem in some sort of spotlight until God answered our prayers and gave her a record deal with the very good RCA record label. not only did she ink a music deal, She started acting again! and oh can Brandy act! She got to be on 90210 (loved her acting, hated the character) and then we got to hear that shes gonna be working with Tyler Perry on a movie project! and before that drops, we can catch her playing a no nonsense chick on the revamped BET The Game! What else do i need to say to get you on the Brandy Band waggon because this year is surely looking good! As for the music, with an album due to drop in May, she is working with Sean Garrett and Rico love who let us in on some very juicy news! Brandy has teamed up with Monica of "The Boy is Mine" fame and they have recorded a hot track that Rico described as "Top 40 material" OMG! i just cant wait to hear and enjoy Brandy this year! I predict 2012 is the year of Brandy and baby you better bring those harmonies that nobody else (not even beyonce or Mariah) can get on any record! iv missed you and the world is gonna be watching you and urging you on! Brandy Rocks!
P.s. Love the fact that you're a hands on mom and you got a fine young man to keep your blood flowing! you go Girl!

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