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Kobe & Vanessa Bryant DIVORCE

Wow how shocking is vhe divorce between Kobe and Vanessa Bryant. Now details about their divorce settlement are out 

On Friday, Kobe and his soon-to-be ex-wife Vanessa (above) attended a Christmas recital for their kids. A source said the two sat next to each other during the show and left together in the same car.
This all makes sense because the Bryants don't have anything to fight over.  Kobe and Vanessa have already struck a financial settlement.....and it's deets are being kept under wraps.
However, it is being reported that Vanessa received their Newport Coast mansion and Kobe moved into other digs.
Sources are also saying that financial records indicate that Kobe is worth about $150 million. Not bad, but its a far cry from news reports that set Kobe's fortune at $400 million.

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