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Cher Lloyd To Debut Swagger In US

British Xfactor finalist, Cher Lloyd today revealed that she is currently working on new tracks for a U.S release of her debut album “Sticks + Stones”. The “Swagger Jagger” singer, announced on BBC Breakfast that she has signed with ...
 the American record label ‘Epic Records’ with the american Xfactor judge La Reid. Lloyd’s debut single, ‘Swagger Jagger,’ went to No. 1 in the U.K., and she recorded her album, ‘Sticks + Stones,’ with huge names like Max Martin and RedOne, so it makes sense that she’d try to launch in the United States. She’s slated to release her album in North America sometime in 2012, with a re-swizzled tracklist containing newly recorded tracks. “I’m still recording,” Lloyd said of the new songs. “I’m starting to record tomorrow.”
About Reid’s comments, Cher said, “It’s a bit crazy because I don’t expect anyone to know who I am because I live in the U.K…. It’s crazy and it gives me a lot of hope.”

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