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Nicki Rocks Chicken wings!

The queen of red carpet whaaaa?, Nicki Minaj, has once again snatched the spotlight due to an outrageous look. This time around, however, it was not one of her sky-high wigs or full leopard ensembles that caught our attention. At the iHeartRadio Festival this weekend, the colorful singer donned a fried chicken necklace, paired with a ...
pink tutu dress and hot pink bra.
Fried chicken necklace.
I am usually all for Nicki's delicious and edible looking accessories, her ice cream and soft pretzel necklaces always render me ravenous, but am a bit torn on this fried wing ensemble. Looking more like an enormous crinkled blob from a distance, the pink wing is attached to a large band of gold chains. The coloring and strong gold presence adds a hint of Nicki flavor to this wacky creation.
If you are a fan of the chicken wing, want to flash your love for fried food, or capture Nicki's style, you can own this necklace for about $80. What do you think of the winglace? Is it satire, offensive, or just making you hungry?

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