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Ini Edo & Emem Isong Present "I'll Take My Chances"

The full preview for Ini Edo's brand new dance movie, I'll Take My Chances, has just been released. It was produced by Nollywood superwoman, Emem Isong, and directed by Desmond Elliot.[watch trailer here]

Ini plays a village girl in Calabar tied to tradition and her family but has a love of dance, while her leading man, Bryan Okwara, plays a city boy tied to his oyinbo co-dancer romantically with a love for contemporary dance. Destiny brings them together but fate tries to tear them apart.

It's a little Save the Last Dance-ish but the other way around (STLD is tush girl and razz boy hookup in dance and this is the other way around). The dancing in the movie looks top notch though. The movie will be premiered in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state, where most of it was shot.

It is dedicated to Sam Loco Efe as it was one of his final movies. Can't wait to see it!

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