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Bez Live: Unplugged Magic

So a friend told me that we had to go for a gig @ silverbird on Sunday (the 25th) and then i asked and he said Bez. I had heared about him last year from ...

Maga No Need Pay song and then i remembered that he had serenaded me (through my i pod) with "More You" a song i stumbled upon in september that eventually became my go-to/christmas song bt to be honest the new year came with new music so i forgot about my little classic tune. As soon as i heared that it was his show and that it was a simple gig with a gate fee of his signed album, i almost flipped backwards cause i honestly had never been to a live unplugged gig before (well i have, through the eyes of my laptop and the internet lol). i tweeted that i had seen him a day before and i was too beside myself to go say hello (not to over-hype him lol) and he retweeted about it (that felt good).
Our usual crew made our way to Silverbird and then we got our signed copies of "Super Sun" and i mentioned the tweet and he remembered (figures, hes a cool cat). We waited a bit for him to finish with the signing (when we should have gone upstairs to get good seats lol) the we went and got not so good seats (our fault entirely tho) because people kept on blocking our view argggg!
Then this lady picked up a guitar and began playing and singing and i could swear that my world stopped! i mean literally stopped and all i could hear was her voice and the accompanying  acustic guitar. she sand flawless, she was esquisite, she is Inze! and people obviously knew her cause some people sang along and all i can say is i'm gonna cop her cd when it comes out for sure.
Oh and did i forget to say that i was wonderfully suprised by my idol producer, Cobhams! we even took a picture together! so epic, anyway he was the pianist and the drummer for the man of the hour, Bez! and oh how it worked out like The Tin tings with Bez, Cobhams and another dude with a hat. I jamed to songes i had not heared before and i felt like i knew them forever. Bez blew me literally away, spilling along the way of his first love (primary school lol), strength from heart break and so and so and i truely felt it; hes highs, lows and other moments that all comprised Super Sun!
I left thinking wow! this is what i wana do for life (well not all jazzy like that but the general idea of it) oh and Bez is this joker of sorts, not at all dry so i really would go for another Bez show 4 sure (authenticity + art + Comic relief = Bez Unplugged) do come to abuja again Brov!

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