Beyonce Finally Has A Bun In The Oven

(i know this is coming late but iv been cooling off for a bit, enjoying the holidays but now im back) and all iv been itching to write about is the pregnancy that broke twitter records (over 8 thousand tweets) immidiatately after the big news broke ... from the horses mouth in which case is Beyonce. The Mega Star arrived the VMAs on Sunday in an orange loose dress exposing to our delight, a baby bump (that apparently had been there since "4 nights in New york" but was strategicly covered). Congratulations Bey and Jay!!!! hope the Baby/ies look like Bey! lol
In other developing News, the baby news has been said to put a hult the feb, 2012 production comencement of Clint Eastwoods "A Star Is Born" but its all good because it will give the production company time to pick a male lead and gist has it that names being brought to the table are Leo DeCaprio, Will Smith and a few other A-List actors. The film will be a blast

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