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Stacey Dash May Have Been Fired From “Single Ladies” Cast…

Word on the street is that Stacie Dash has been fired from the cast of the popular VH1 show (and my personal fav!) “Single Ladies”. Journalist Jawn Murray also tweeted the disturbing news yesterday evening…

Uh oh!!! Has Stacey got the big head already?? find out below…
Jawn further noted online that Dash was released from the show because she “feuded with the cast, canceled promos and caused entirely too much drama” on the set.
Others close to the show reveal that Stacey stormed off the set during one of the final scenes after picking a fight with her co-star Lisa Raye McCoy, leaving everyone on the set stunned.
Being that the season finale’ aired last night, this may be just another ploy to keep all you anxious viewers on edge until next season.
Stacey even tweeted about last night’s season finale’ as if she’s still involved with the show…

So is this merely a publicity stunt or did Stacey Dash really get the ax?? I guess only time will tell… Stay tuned!

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