Rihanna Can't Survive Without Chocolate Ice Cream

So its apparent that when you put Rihanna and Chocolate in the same sentece, you dont use "want", you use "need", heres what her fitness coach has to say to back up that statement!

“Chocolate ice cream is her comfort food. She says to me, ‘I need my quota.’ I believe deprivation leads to disaster, so I don’t stop her — that’d be asking for trouble,” Ary said.
“Rihanna does not follow a diet although she tries to eat healthily on tour. She loves protein-rich foods, water, olives and fruit. She’s in tune to how her body reacts to different foods.”
“Rihanna is smart about her body. We have fun working out together. She is all diva. She’s all young spirit and a BFF type of girl.”
Sha take it easy Riri but i dont blame you sha! whats the fun in eating healthy (this coming from a dude that loves fast food and sweets to a fault).

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