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Kelly Rowland Hits Hard With "Here I Am"

O.K so i think, haven gone through the music over and over (and over) again, that i can say that all my previous doubts were infact useless because even if she doesnt make a commercial comeback (which by the way she is on coarse to) its more than enough validation for me and i dare say my standards are pretty high. Here I Am is not what i expected in terms of sound and structure but ...
 in compasition, i knew that the way she played it now with the tracks on that album, was the only way she could, to win her urban fanbase back and she is winning them back but not totally alianating her techno crew. Most of the album is strictly R&B (urban & Contemporary) which will be a big hit in the US. I also noted that the Record has the Comander hit track from last year (which in my openion is a wise pull because it could easily be re-released in the US and eventually blow). all the songs on the album are steamy and makes you head bump in rythem to em but the songs that kill me are "All of the Night" (feat. Rico Love), "Feelin Me Right Now", "Lay It On Me" (feat. Big Sean) and "I'm Dat Chick" (which caught me at first listen as i think was a strategic move by her group to captivate the listener) but honestly i can that there are no album fillers on this concise 10 tracker.
The only flaw i felt was in the Delux aspect of the album; I dont get why all the singles she released from last year (tho were either non-charting or even failed to chart) were not included on the delux part. Songs like "Forever And A Day", "Grown Woman" and "Rose Colored Glasses" are not fully R&B but they are songs that you cant underestimate! My only Hope with this album is that she sells a boat load and goes platinum and "Rules the worl" with the songs. (Motivation is grammy worhty. the album too should be nomminated for R&B album but we all know who is going to take that grammy home!)
Oh and i forgot to mention that Miss. Kelly is roumored to sell an estimated 75k this debut week so yep! mama is back! and the Single Ladies cameo was hawt as well as all the promo pics and all. She doing it right now. So happy for her!

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