Katy Stole Gaga's look

... thats exactly what Gaga's Monsters are saying as the "Last Friday" singer took a picture that fully depicts the consept of the original video for "The Edge Of Glory".and in what i assume was a mistake, it seams as tho my fav pop star is ... no it cant be! ... is she ...
planking? this is now becoming just too depressing for me cause i tot better singers would leave planking to flashes in the pans like C.B. to do but i guess i was wrong (really hoping im wrong)
Back to the biz, whats really going on with Katy and Gaga? because i remember it all begining with the Alejandro video that was a hard pill to swallow by Katy, then it seamed that all was well when Katy sang BTW in paris but now it seams as tho Katy is trying badly to #famz with Gaga when i feel its absolutely not necessary or it could also be that she just wants to do her own things and its just coincidental but what do i know. Keep you posted is what ill do

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