MBGN 1991 Nike Oshinowo-Soleye & Miss Nigeria 2010 Damilola Agbajor cover the new issue of WOW Magazine

These pictures are actually nice and all that so why do i feel the need to barf! Honestly no beef but isnt Nike supposed to be doing things her age rather than compeating with people she should have left a generation ago. The concept is nice but ....
for God sake, Nike is not the only Ex beauty queen that should have been considered plus Wow should have got neumerous past and present time queens and had a big splash rather they got almighty couger (Nike) to publicise her childlessness and cougerism (ok now i admit it, shes being to immature and this is me beefing her .... God!!!).
That aside, Damilola Agbajor looks fantastico (nice nockers by the way .. lol!) a real beuty queen that hopefully wont, in 20 years, be pursuing her childrens mate's on the runway Bam! Hala!
PS when i think about it, Nike is actually trying! she is doing alot of things, keeping busy its just that what pisses me off is that shes doing the wrong things (excersive video, fragrance ect) no offence but in this case sex dosnt even come close to selling anything!

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