Kelly Rowland's Album Release Date

Its been a long time comming and yep, she does deserve to put out an album (been a long time comming since she put out "Commander") but in ...
my own openion, July 26 is a bit to early for her to put out a record because i know "Motivation" is soaring on the charts but you have to understand that another hit is what would definitly validate an album drop date and as far as i know, there hasnt been any other single put out after her current hit. But what do i know, maybe Universal Motown wants to fool everyone into buying a supposed album that has over 4 singles and one climbing hit!
Im not hating on Kelly, the truth is i dont wana see a singer thats supposed to be rulling in music get swallowed by it again (does anyone remember "Ms.Kelly") but on the other hand, Kelly becoming a judge on the Brithish X factor could be the much needed push and exposure to help her back to the top, on a global scale .... we'll just have to wait and see and yes, hope for the very best for the very sweet, sweet Kelly Rowland.

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