The Destiny's Child "Stunt"?

 well im not too sure but from surfacing gist, i learnt that Columbia, Beyonce's label is trying to do damage control to her latest record, "4" due to their lack of faith in it. What bothers me is that they asked her to record more ...
up-tempo songs and she refused but then again, the 16 times grammy winner might just know what shes doing expecially when "4" is on course to debut at Nomber one in over 8 countries due to pre- orders alone.
I also heared that columbia is trying to get the trio that was Destiny's Child, back together so the blow to "4" wont be too bad ("Bionic" anyone?) and that Michelle is already on board (and why the heck not lol!) but kelly is not budging and can you blame her, after  a slew of failed singles (which were great songs, by the way), shes finally head above water with "Motivation" and all of a sudden, you want her to just trow that away to help the "Star" of the show recover from a not-so-sure blow (you'v gotta be kidding ... hard). A fact is that the girls will be reuniting in Glastonbury to perform a few of their epic hits! (no wrong there).
In my own openion, i dont think the album will fail, B'day had similar issues and to push sales, she pulled an intelligent stunt which was a re-release of the album (from which one of her highest selling songs, "Beautiful Liar", emanated)and anthology album and lets not forget that it was the same Columbia that first told her that there was no clear hit on "Dangerously In Love" but that record went on to have five hits, sell more than 12 million records and it earned her 5 grammy's come Grammy night. So yes! i have faith that the new album, "4", will fare not just well but very well (come up with intelligent stunts again Bey   ... you know you want to lol!) and Kelly, this year is your year so dont let anyone take that from ya (5 weeks at No1 with "Motivation" Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! so proud! want another hit single ASAP! )  All my love girls, go rule your worlds!

Motivation- Kelly Rowland

Run The World (Girls) - Beyonce

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