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Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa Still Going Strong Despite Embarrassing Nude Photo Leak

A whole lot of Amber Rose made its way onto the Internet earlier this week, but it doesn't appear to have affected her relationship with rapper Wiz Khalifa.

On Tuesday, very compromising pictures of a ....
woman who appears to be the curvy Philadelphia native were posted all over, accompanied by a very scandalous story. An Young Money insider reportedly told the site that Amber had sent the graphic photos of her nether regions to Safaree Samuel, the boyfriend of chart-topper Nicki Minaj. Rose denied trying to steal anyone's boyfriend shortly after the story broke.
Wiz Khalifa, who has been dating Rose for several months, didn't comment on his girlfriend's nude pics, but he did tweet, "Everyday I Wake Up To The Most Beautiful Wife. And Bake Up To The Most Beautiful Life," on Wednesday afternoon. It's a beautiful moment when a rapper praises both his lady love and his cannabis in 149 characters or less.
Amber Rose wrote a few hours later, "No matter what I go thru or how embarrassed I am I have a man that Loves me & has my back thru everything. @RealWizKhalifa thank u. :-)"
Maybe these two are really going to make it.

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