Mr. Schue's Going To Sing A Matthew Morrison Song On Glee Finale

At first, i thought this was to cliche and the fans wont be so gullible but i see the light.The last New York themed finale episode is going to have the first ever original song by a cast member, my Shuuuuuuuuu!!!! sta!. he's album drops ...
tomorrow so i think its both good for him and glee and guess what, they think so too!
The decision to let Matt perform his own work was not arrived to easily. Ryan Murphy, the show's creator, reveals that it was a process, creatively and logistically, but ultimately, everyone involved thought it was a good idea to give Matt his moment to shine. Ryan explains:
"It worked because we wanted to do a scene where Matt goes into a Broadway hall and sings something alone. Plus, Matt is such a great team player and he’s done so much for different Glee charities…We worked really hard to make it feel organic to the show.”

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