Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Double Date, Dine with Royalty on Vacation

At this rate, Kim Kardashian might never leave Monaco! The reality star and her new fiance have been having a blast on vacation. Over the past few days: Kim flaunted her ...
giant engagement rock at a swanky fashion show, they watched the Monaco Grand Prix, went for a romantic boat ride, had a double date with Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton, and even had a fancy dinner with Prince Albert and his bride-to-be!

Kim and Kris Humphries are undoubtedly living it up on their vacation, but the starlet has still found plenty of downtime to tweet. She even posted pictures of her and Nicole last night!
"In Monaco @krishumphries @NicoleSherzy @LewisHamilton F1 fun!" she wrote last night, beside a pic of the couples.
Saturday she wrote: "Heading into the palace for dinner with Prince Albert & his gorgeous fiance Charlene!" and, of course, she posted another pic. living La Vida Roya-L

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