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Fox News And Sarah Palin Outraged By Common's White House Invite

Sean Hannity is up in arms over Michelle Obama inviting rapper Common to come to the White House for an evening celebrating ... poetry on Wednesday. On Tuesday during his show, the Fox News personality criticized the First Lady's decision because he believes that the White House is setting a bad example by allowing a "controversial" rapper to…come inside? Ha! He's not alone either! On Tuesday, Sarah Palin tweeted: "Oh lovely, White House…" So WHAT'S the big deal?
Common spit out an anti-Bush verse while performing a poem at a 2007 Def Poetry event.
Oh, the horror! What poet DIDN'T spit out an anti-Bush verse in 2007? LOLz!
we live in an era of freedom of speech! Some people should lppk for a place to stick it and shut the hell up! what ... rappers are not humans anymore, or poetry is no longer art!?! utter rubbish and as for Palin,

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