Vin Diesel Helped Put Facebook On The Map?

Mark Zuckerberg can thank Vin Diesel for helping to make Facebook as popular as it is.
Before celebrities were turning to social media sites such as FB and Twitter to reach out to their fans, Vin was putting in some major "face" time on the website.
Not only did he manage to ...
gather over 6 million friends on the site, but it also helped him stop smoking!
The actor says:
"I was always very, very private. Facebook became an opportunity to connect with fans directly for the first time. Now we’re in this new world where it is all there on the Internet for you to play with, and you can let people in as much as you want. For me it was very therapeutic. I mean, I stopped smoking cigarettes because of Facebook."
So how did he manage to do that? He says:
"Back when I only had, like, 100,000 friends, my girlfriend said if I got more fans than Barack Obama I had to quit smoking. I had six million by January 2010, and it was all because I was communicating with people honestly. I believe I was second to Michael Jackson’s page in popularity for a while."
Maybe some other celebs can take note. Being honest with fans actually works!

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