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Simon Cowell Accused Of Helping Friend Hide Millions

We're talking $652 million. Simon's reps are dismissing the allegations, of course, and we don't expect that this is actually true of him at all. He seems like a respectable guy, and that is a LOT of money to keep hidden. Here's what happened anyway:
When asked by her husband, who is ...
acting on his own behalf in the court battle, "Who are hiding my assets?" she named Cowell, wealthy UK retailer Sir Philip Green and restaurateur Richard Caring.
When the judge asked her if she was really saying there was "a huge conspiracy involving a lot of people who would otherwise be regarded as respectable, to hide his assets?" she replied "Yes."
The judge said, "These are serious allegations against well-known people."
She, Michelle Young, seems pretty confident in what she's saying, and if it's true that despite claiming bankruptcy last year due to an unpaid tax bill he's still riding around in a Ferrari and living like a boss, there might be some validity to him hiding some of it somewhere.

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